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TSwipe-Pro Manual Rev.1 (English Language)
TSwipe-Pro Manual Rev.1 (Thai Language)

Q:Why TSwipe-Pro in the Market said FREE but it's not FREE?
A:Because this application can't sell in Android market due to it doesn't support Thailand. If you like TSwipe, you can buy via Paypal.
Q:Why i can not use TSwipe after installed it?
A:After installed you must open TSwipe-Pro from icon in app drawer and follow setting Step 1, 2 and Wizard or you can setting manual as show in the below picture.

Q:TSwipe-Pro why swipe for several cycles but word does not come out?
A:First, make sure the word you want to swipe existing in the Database. You can check by typing that word and how does it come out or search in database.
1.If have word in db, ensure that you try to swipe through all the characters already.
2.If no have word in db, you need to add word first by going to settings -> Database or may type the word, then press and hold at the orange word box, wait until the "saved" word display.
Q:If install new version of TSwipe-Pro, Database will be replaced or not
A:Database will be kept at /sdcard/thaicomcenter/tswipe.db and this file will not replaced when install new version
Q:TSwipe-Pro, why swiping is slower than typing? and the come out word is not correct too.
A:For swiping method the user need to practice for a while even though swype, shapewriter or slide-it.
Q:Can use TSwipe-Pro as normal while didn't Activate?
A:Yes, you can try TSwipe-Pro as long as you want but there is a message and delay to guide you to activate 9 times before swipe function is disabled.
Q:How can i try TSwipe-Pro more if swipe function is disabled already.
A:You can close process or uninstall it first.
Q:TSwipe-Pro why test period is too less?
A:Because protection method in android is difficult. If we let user use it for a long time without interrupt, User may not think to pay for the apps.
Q:How to buy or Activate TSwipe-Pro?
A:Please register at tswipe.com and then following method in [How to buy?]
Q:After activated TSwipe-Pro, if upgrade new firmware or upgrade new ROM, TSwipe-Pro still can be activated or not?
A:While IMEI/MEID of device does not changed, TSwipe-Pro still can be activated many times.
Q:TSwipe-Pro can register with device that don't have IMEI/MEID or not?
A:Yes, you can registered by Email license.
Q:Why layout of TSwipe-Pro is strange on ICS?
A:Because in some cases hardware acceleration is calculate position wrong. Solve this problem by turn off Hardware acceleration in Settings/Fix/Enable hardware acceleration
Q:I can't set hardware keyboard to work out. How can i do?
A:Please read setting step from here http://board.thaicomcenter.com/viewtopic.php?f=67&t=145225